Local Planing Meeting – LC Chisnau 2009

LC Chisinau at LPM 09

Have you ever imagined to get to place outside the city, to be 10 minutes away from a beach in middle of the summer with room full of people speaking in a language that you don’t understand a single word from and still to wanna spend your time in that same room? I haven’t, but I experienced it personally at LPM 09 of LC Chisinau 🙂

It is amazing to feel the energy of all those wonderful AIESEC-members although not understanding what are they talking about(I was a single last minute guest/party delegate not speaking Romanian, so it was quite normal to keep the sessions in Ro)

EB 0910 and LC Plan

It was 4 days (something to be proud of) of Planning and not only. The party as also quite something – a lot of AIESEC dances and again some new for me. I was happy to see people enjoying “hip hip hooray” and tried to dance “the YOU-dance”(how I call it – its something about a superman and ohter guys like that I think…)

moment of creation 🙂

After I got back to Chisinau I realized that from more than 25 conferences and seminars this was definitelly one of BEST.

Presidents at the R&R&M event

Special congratulations to the Conf.Manager(E.Culai), Chair(Ana Simon),Facis and OC
and of course all the delegates!
Thank you LC Chisinau 🙂 🙂 🙂
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