Development internship XP in a day

Poiana Team

I’m learning to deliver
ppt-free trainings,
to re-discovering the joy of seeing
|the result of your work right
away and on other people,






history, continuity, achievements

to be on a department meeting in an AIESEC office
seeing young people on their
way of making the
world a better place,
listening the announcement of
the Task Force where I’ll be a team leader
again :),




Carmen and Monica

going back to my room chatting
with my roommates from the

other side of the globe, watching Korean drama….
I love my AIESEC DT-Exchange Experience as I take the responsibility to drive it the way I want it to be, taking all the challenges along the way 🙂
happy 🙂

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Usually when people were missing from a chat they use “afk”, which means “away from keyboard” as explanation why they didn’t write for so long.
In my case I was “afb” – away from blog 😛 .

AIESEC Moldova - even sweeter than it looks like

Didn’t manage to find time to write in my newly hatched blog.
Last time I wrote it was about LPM
in LC Chisnau…now is 1 year afterwards.
This year was like the pic on the righ – sweet
and had “AIESEC Moldova”
written all over it 🙂
Hopefully in the next posts I’ll wire down some memories of this one year and mix them up a bit with what’s happening right now on my X in Brashov
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Local Planing Meeting – LC Chisnau 2009

LC Chisinau at LPM 09

Have you ever imagined to get to place outside the city, to be 10 minutes away from a beach in middle of the summer with room full of people speaking in a language that you don’t understand a single word from and still to wanna spend your time in that same room? I haven’t, but I experienced it personally at LPM 09 of LC Chisinau 🙂

It is amazing to feel the energy of all those wonderful AIESEC-members although not understanding what are they talking about(I was a single last minute guest/party delegate not speaking Romanian, so it was quite normal to keep the sessions in Ro)

EB 0910 and LC Plan

It was 4 days (something to be proud of) of Planning and not only. The party as also quite something – a lot of AIESEC dances and again some new for me. I was happy to see people enjoying “hip hip hooray” and tried to dance “the YOU-dance”(how I call it – its something about a superman and ohter guys like that I think…)

moment of creation 🙂

After I got back to Chisinau I realized that from more than 25 conferences and seminars this was definitelly one of BEST.

Presidents at the R&R&M event

Special congratulations to the Conf.Manager(E.Culai), Chair(Ana Simon),Facis and OC
and of course all the delegates!
Thank you LC Chisinau 🙂 🙂 🙂
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going @ly abroad

the bust to Moldova

It’s somehow strange – one day you enter the LC and on the next you apply for MC abroad, gather some money, pack you luggage and get the bus to somewhere you’ve never been, where you don’t know the language with one single thought – “It’s gonna be great!”
how? – nobody can explain it, but those who have been in AIESEC for some time simply “know” it…
so, just ask “how” – pack your stuff and get your own abroad AIESEC XP – CEED, X-change, mc-lc EB term….

good luck with it 🙂
and may be see ya at some @-conference 😉

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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